The new Google: I don't like it.

Poor Google.

They always had one thing going for them, if not technical wizardry. They had a sense of style, like Apple. Clean, neat, well designed. Simple at a glance.

Now? It's a travesty. Crap on the left, crap on the top, and what's with the piles of javascript? Thanks, but I would prefer not to run down my laptop battery with a fade-in of my search page. I've noticed there's a new picture practically every day. And what's with this SearchSafe bullcrap? Google has become noisy and pushy.

More and more sites have become dysfunctional without javascript and flash. Et tu, Google?

Edit: Apparently they reverted. Yay! Mostly. Get rid of the fade!

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Con: Only a fraction of the population speaks English.
Pro: When I walk down the street singing to myself, only a fraction of the population knows I'm making up my own lyrics.
Con: The rest of the population just knows I can't sing worth a damn.

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I haven't updated in a while (because we're all lame) so here's the dirt.

1. Dating a nice girl and hope it will become exclusive soon because I'm impatient and horny and she's a definite keeper. Mostly the latter but I can't discount the former.
2. Dating an okay girl because my female friends tell me I shouldn't have all my eggs in one basket.
3. Uncomfortable with #2. I'm a serial monogamist, evidently.
4. In Wisconsin this week because that's where the relatives are. On a scale of 10, where 0 is dying of tedium and 10 is orgasmic bliss on a remote tropical beach, I would say I'm at a solid 2.
4a. I haven't seen a relative who is within 20 years of my age.
4b. My 5 and 7 year old cousins taught me a new word, "clinkers", and offered to kick me in them. I declined.
5. Spent a month in Darwin (Australia). It was hot, humid, and full of things that wanted to kill me (crocodiles, spiders, snakes, cabbies, etc).
6. Work is constant but I feel my skill set is too specialized. I might ask to do something else.
7. Still live in Fremont, but looking for a house.

That is all.

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Costa Rica is an amazing place. My friend Aimee was already going to be there for a week between a conference and a trip to visit family, so I flew down to meet her and have a lazy week on the beach and in the rainforest. The best part of the trip was the smallish town (Nosara) where I met up with her, an hour's drive down a dirt road from the nearest gas station. The beach, the food, the people were all wonderful. I have to wonder what I would need to do to live there someday.